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Web Site Design

Webbishy takes your design ideas and creates pages to reflect your distinct personality whether you need a single, personal home page or a small-business site with shopping carts and other e-commerce features. We craft your site with attention to detail and useability. We will make suggestions based on common sense experience, but ultimately, our clients control the final outcome.

Graphics Design

Webbishy offers graphics design services to augment the final look, style and feel of the over-all site. Webbishy will design your logo if you need one. Header images and other graphics can all be done "in-house" which helps maintain consistency of design.

Flash Authoring

Webbishy can embed flash elements into your site using your assets or files Webbishy creates specifically for your application. Even though there is a question about the viabilty of Adobe Flash moving forward, many clients still opt to incorporate flash elements into their sites.

Image Galleries

Depending on your business, you may wish to include image galleries in your site. Webbishy offers a variety of functions that make it easy for visitors to view your products or other images. Visitors may view a slide-show style presentation, or control which images they view via on-screen links or thumbnails.

Photo Retouching

Webbishy offers photo retouching services as a side-business. Photos are scanned as high-resolution digital files and then digitally "re-touched" to improve the quality of old or damaged photographs by removing scrathes, dust spots and other blemishes. Color-correction and cropping is also available. Your retouched images can then be printed on the paper of your choice, or a digital copy of the file can be sent to you.


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